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10/14/11 06:40 pm - Writer's Block: Flashback films

Who is your favorite 80’s moviestar?

Molly Ringwald<3

9/20/11 02:22 pm - Writer's Block: A literary masterpiece

Which books will you certainly read to your children, nieces, nephews or godchildren?

My Great Aunt Arizona, Miss Nelson is Missing, Harry Potter, and so many others...

3/11/11 10:06 am - Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you

Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Yes! I love Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Grace Adler from Will & Grace

2/15/11 11:33 am - Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now

When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

ice cream is a must. but if i want actual food i'll have chicken nuggets and ranch dressing.

1/30/11 05:33 pm - Writer's Block: Looney times

What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?

i had so many. Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Ariel's Songs and Stories, Jasmine's Enchanted Tales, Belle's Sing Me A Story, Doug, CatDog, Recess and so many more its hard to pick a favorite

1/28/11 09:01 am - Writer's Block: Not again

Are there any movies that you watched over and over again as a child that you can't stand today?

Snow White, Dumbo & Pinnochio. I can't sit through any of them. Snow White is high pitched and irritating, Dumbo's crows piss me off, and Pinnochio had terrible villains. 0

1/27/11 04:39 pm - Writer's Block: Lean on me

How do you define a true friend? What would lead you to end a friendship?

A true friend is someone you can tell anything to. Someone you can trust to be there for you when you need them. Someone who supports your decisions whether they agree with it or not. Someone who will tell you the truth no matter what. Trust is the only thing that holds a friendship together.

Betrayal. Backstabbing. Lying. Cheating. Ditching. Bad habits (drugs, drinking, vandalism). I've never had to end a friendship yet but those are pretty much what would end one.

12/10/10 08:15 am - Writer's Block: Didn't see it coming

What has been the most surprising cultural event of 2010?

Obama becoming President

12/6/10 09:34 am - Writer's Block: Television! Is there anything it cannot do?

What is the best new TV series of 2010?

In my personal opinion I'm hooked on Glee, Vampire Diaries, Human Target, Nikita, and Lie To Me.

10/15/10 09:03 pm - Damon Visits Kendall

I decided not to make this a story but after whatever episode IM just gonna write a what happened after that has Kendall in it. Let me know what you think please????

This is right after Katherine told Damon the truth in the first episode of Season 2. Damon shows up at Kendall's house.

(knock knock)

K: Coming!

(opens the door to reveal Damonlooking drunk and disheveled.)

K: Damon, hey! Woah, are you alright? Damon look at me, focus.

(damon slowly falls to the floor)

D: It was always Stefan. She never loved me.

K: Ok well Stefan is her boyfriend Damon.

D: Not Elena! Katherine!

K: Katherine?! You saw her? She's here, in Mystic Falls?

D: Mhmm. Isn't that great?

K: That's not exactly the term I had in mind. Ok Damon stand up.

(Lifts Damon up, and puts one arm over her shoulder and brings him inside)

K: OK sit down. Here we go. God, you look terrible.

(She's looking over his face to make sure nothings wrong)

K: Do you want water, coffee... any beverage that doesn't have alcohol in it?

(Damon shakes his head in response)

k: Okay, what happened? Hm? What did she do to you Damon?

D: I came home, poured a drink to ease the craving and there she was. Sitting on the couch like she owned the place. She said she was leaving. I asked her why she was here. She said she was curious.

K: Curious? Curious about what? You? Stefan? Elena?

D: She didn't say. I was walking away when she stopped me. She said I had to kiss her or kill her.

K: How generous of her. She has not changed in 169 years. So then what? Please tell me you killed the bitch.

D: No. I couldn't. I love her.

K: Ugh Damon! Seriously?

D: It gets worse. She knocked me to the floor... I couldn't help myself.

K: You slept with her?!

D: No! I stopped her.

K: Thank god!

d: I needed to know the truth. I needed to know if she loved me.

(Kendall sat down next to Damon as he stared at the floor and ran his hands through hair)

K: What did she say Damon?

D: She said she never loved me. She always loved Stefan.

K: Oh god Damon. Im so sorry.

(She pulls Damon to her and holds him)

D: All those years I wasted missing her.

K: Well you have all of eternity to forget her and move on. And if it makes you feel better, you've always had my heart. Got your teeth marks on it.

D: Is that comedic timing I hear?

K: Haha, yes. You're rubbing off on me. But I know you'll never care for me that way.

(Kendall gets up and goes to get Damon a cup of coffee)

D: How do you know?!

K: Damon, seriously, I've accepted it. I understand that Katherine was your first true love. Whether she loved you or not, is none of my business.

D: Yeah but...

(Kendall cuts him off)

K: And now you're in love with her doppelganger. I can't compete with that. And I'm not gonna bother trying either.

D: If you love me the way you say you do, you would fight for me.

K: No. Elena's also my friend. I would never hurt her. She's a great person. She may be the one for you!

D: And what if she isn't? What if I just keep falling for the wrong women?

K: There's always the option to go gay.

D: Ew. Why?

K: Nevermind, just think about what you'll do to Stefan if does choose you.

(Damon turns away from her)

K: Damon, you'll ruin him. He won't live without her. He loves her far too much.

D: What makes you think I care about Stefan?

K: He's your brother Damon. You know you care.

(Damon looks at the clock in her kitchen)

D: I gotta go. I gotta make sure Elena's alive.

K: Stefan's got you babysitting?

D: In a manner of speaking.

K: But it's Elena so you don't mind it. Am I right?

(Damon corners her)

D: Why are you so threatened by her?

K: I'm not at all.

D: Liar. You're either threatened by her. Or you're jealous of her.

K: I'm not Damon. Elena has no effect like that on me. She never will. Not even if she does choose you.

(Damon stares at her and moves a piece of hair out of her face)

D: You'll always be my favorite. Always.

(Kisses her cheek and is gone with a flash)

K: And thats all I'll ever be.
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