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mimi1543's Journal

28 September 1989
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My name is Roxanna Nicole

I was born in Romania

I’m a Libra

I’m a tall red head with green eyes

Singing is my passion

I love the theater

My friends are basically my life

I’m a Twilighter, Theater Geek, Harry Potter Freak and a
Renthead...deal with it

I say whatever’s on my mind

I write songs when im bored

I believe in the supernatual

I’m loud and damn proud of it

Im unbelievably ticklish

I have a tendency to be very random

Im a very sarcastic person

If I dont talk to you, dont take it personally...I
just dont like you

Audrey Hepburn is my God

Kristen Stewart is my Idol

Jared Padalecki is my TV boyfriend

Idina Menzel is my Angel of Music

message me if you want my s/n